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Portland Headlight Bookmark A08

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Ivory Piano Key Bookmark A08 Portland Headlight is custom painted and comes with Rosemary's poem. Please allow one week before shipping.


Ivory Piano Key Bookmark A08
Ivory Piano Key Bookmark Name: Portland Headlight
Ivory Piano Key Bookmark by Rosemary Libby


My Ivory Piano Key Lives On

I once played beautiful music to many a listening ear.
Some songs I played brought laughter,
+++while other songs brought tears.
To my master I was worth more than a pot of gold,
But as all things someday happen, we both
+++grew gradually old.

As time passed, the sweet sounds I could not longer play.
Collecting dust in the corner, I sat silently day after day.
Then one day hope was seen shining within my ivory key,
And with the stroke of an artist’ brush,
+++life was reborn to me.

I am proud to be this ivory piano key,
+++painted especially for you.

I’m glad to have a purpose, something special again to do.
No longer will I be concerned that my music is sadly gone,
For my ivory piano key has new life and proudly I live on.

Rosemary Libby

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