We welcome Mindy the Morkie to our home, born on May 26, 2019. Her mom was a Yorkie and her dad was a Maltese.  At 6 months she weighs only 4.8 lbs so don’t think she will get very big.  She is a wild one!

On June 2015 we welcomed Celia to our home!
She was born January 20, 2015.


Celia is such a pretty girl but Rosa doesn’t think so!



Look what Santa left under the tree!
Christmas 2003

Going to work with mom!

Rosa is such a princess!

Snoozing in the car, tucked between Mom and Dad!

Major surgery on both hind legs and couldn’t walk!
Mom and Dad carried me for 12 weeks!

Had to sleep in that awful cage but
I managed to get comfy.

Got a hair cut and a pretty new dress.  I’m so cute!

The vet said I was going through a false pregnancy
so Mom made me some crocheted baby’s and I loved caring for them.

Thought I’d go for a walk during hunting season.

I get to stay at a hotel with Mom and Dad and loved all those pillows!

Posing for Mom!

I love to have my picture taken.  Can’t you tell?

Helping to inventory the buttons!

Christmas 2011 in my new Christmas dress.

I love the ruffled scarf Mom made me!

I’m such a turkey!  Thanksgiving Day 2012

Christmas 2013. Rosa waiting for Santa.

Our sweet Rosa turned 15 years old 10/21/18.
She is our very special girl!

Our Sweet Rosa 

Our sweet Rosa left us on 9/26/19, just 25 days
before her 16th birthday.
She will be forever loved and missed by mom and dad.